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ARTYFARTY GALLERY KÖLN – INTERSTELLAR OVERDRIVE – Bo130 & Microbo Inspired by the song „Interstellar Overdrive,“ Microbo and Bo130 have

Kunst in Köln: Vernissage Samstag 27. Mai 2023 ab 19:00 Uhr. AF Gallery, Lichtstrasse 15, 50825 Köln. (Eingang über die Vogelsangerstr. / gegenüber Heliosstr.)


Inspired by the song „Interstellar Overdrive,“ Microbo and Bo130 have collaborated to create a site-specific installation that presents itself as the „main theme“ of a tale… at the edge of reality.

This timeless tale, with a dark and bright atmosphere, is made up of a galaxy of posters full of drawings, patterns, symbols, and hidden messages, juxtaposed in a free and spontaneous composition. Microbo’s invisible world blends with the dreamlike and alien figures of Bo130 in a harmonious chaos. A show that captures the cosmic and surreal nature of the famous Pink Floyd song.

The artworks in the installation are „the bits“ that will draw the viewer’s attention, suggesting the strong relationship and energy between the two Italian artists. Bo130 and Microbo have shared a creative alliance for over 20 years, bonded by a romantic history and a partnership of artistic opposites: her invisible microcosm world and his macrocosm.

The exhibition unfolds in the gallery and envelops the entire surrounding space, creating an immersive experience for those who will experience it.


Bo130 (Milan, 1971). After receiving artistic training in Italy and England, the artist returned to Milan where he currently lives and works. His artistic career began in the 80s and was deeply influenced by various subcultures. Such as Punk and Hip-Hop, which fascinated him with their aesthetics and non-conformist approach, and helped him define his own personal style. Bo130 is one of the first writers to combine his tag with an icon, choosing a stylized crab.

His art is characterised by layered work, where different elements coexist in harmony or contrast, alongside an intricate interplay of hidden dialogues between portraits, shapes, and words. Bo130 describes his work as “a lysergic journey into the memory archive of an alien visiting our planet”. Multi-faced characters and the alien as a concept are metaphors that the artist has always used to represent his own feeling of being out of place, or indeed, alien to a certain “normality”. His entry into the world of institutional art occurred with the exhibition of his works in important museums and galleries. His art is often intertwined with that of Microbo, with whom he has been collaborating for several years.


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Ein Beitrag geteilt von Bo130 (@bobonethirty)


Microbo (Catania, 1970) – calls herself a citizen of planet Earth and a microbe of the universe. The search for the invisible as nourishment for the soul is the focus of her artistic production, which translates into a visual language composed of an ancestral organic alphabet made up of various species of microbiotic creatures, filaments and conductors of energy that float and live in a timeless, weightless space at the edge of the human consciousness.

Her art tells stories of unreal worlds and dogmas dear to ancient philosophers which are impossible to explain scientifically, but so profound that they touch the heart. Her training, almost entirely self-taught,, but full of fortuitous encounters and synchronicities, began in her homeland before moved to London. During this formative experience she met Bo130, with whom she formed a solid partnership that continues to this day.

Since the 2000s, when they settled in Milan together, in addition to being the Italian artists of reference of the underground current later defined as Street Art, they have promoted several projects aimed at enhancing Urban Art. Including the publication of Izastikup (Drago Editore), a collection dedicated to sticker culture. Microbo has participated in numerous group exhibitions both in unconventional venues and in prestigious international museums; her works are part of private and public collections in Europe.


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Ein Beitrag geteilt von Microbo (@microbo_official)

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