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fine art and music festival 2023
Estonian artist Toomas Altnurme at fine art festival at Hacienda Caracha, Mexico

Fine art and music festival 2023: Estonian artist Toomas Altnurme at fine art festival at Hacienda Caracha, Mexico. Discover art events online on ARTTRADO Plattform for art and design artworks kunstmarkt kunstmagazin kunstblog kunstnachrichten neues aus der Kunstwelt. Kunst in Mexico. Kunst kaufen upcoming artists

Estonian artist Toomas Altnurme at Hacienda Caracha, Mexico The warm welcome extended by the hotel owner, Sir Hugo Alfaro Lemus,

Toomas Altnurme had the honor of participating in a fine art and music festival at Hacienda Caracha, Mexico, in late October 2023. This tropical paradise, home to indigenous people deeply connected to nature, provided a unique setting where traditions are upheld, and even special events see individuals adorned in traditional attire, leaving no footprint behind.

Estonian artist Toomas Altnurme at Hacienda Caracha, Mexico

The warm welcome extended by the hotel owner, Sir Hugo Alfaro Lemus, and the event curator, Victor Rodrigues Morfin, created a delightful experience. Bonds were forged with fellow Mexican artists and musicians, enriching the overall artistic camaraderie. Hacienda Caracha, once a sugar cane factory in the late 1800s, underwent transformation into a tourist center, showcasing 35 rooms, a restaurant, bar, water park, expansive green areas, and orchards.

Art embellishes every corner, creating an immersive experience. Caracha, meaning ‚a place where artists gather,‘ invites you to explore its unique offerings. The festival coincided with one of Mexico’s most significant art and culture events, the Day of the Dead. This vibrant celebration, spanning from October 31st to November 2nd, beautifully combines indigenous Aztec beliefs with Catholicism, symbolizing the enduring connection between the living and the deceased.

Originating from pre-Columbian Mesoamerican civilizations, especially the Aztecs, the Day of the Dead faced suppression during the Spanish conquest. However, the fusion of indigenous and Catholic beliefs gave rise to the modern celebration, featuring altars adorned with marigold flowers, candles, incense, papel picado, and photographs of departed loved ones. Symbolic calaveras (skulls) permeate the festival, with people painting their faces or wearing skeleton costumes. Sugar skulls, intricately decorated and inscribed with names, are popular treats. La Catrina, an iconic figure, symbolizes the universality of death and was popularized by artist José Guadalupe Posada.

Marigold flowers and copal incense are used to attract the souls of the deceased, while families visit cemeteries to clean and decorate graves, celebrating the lives of their loved ones. Food offerings, including pan de muerto and tamales, play a crucial role in the festivities. The Day of the Dead is not just a spiritual occasion; it’s a vibrant artistic and cultural expression. Artisans craft intricate papel picado, masks, and figurines, depicting skeletons engaged in various activities. While deeply rooted in tradition, the celebration continues to evolve, with parades, exhibitions, and theatrical performances adding contemporary flair. Recognized by UNESCO as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, the Day of the Dead holds global significance, showcasing the enduring beauty of Mexican culture.

Toomas Altnurme

The Estonian artist Toomas Altnurme was born in 1973, he lives and works in the United Arab Emirates. He is an artist, curator, art director and Lecturer of Fine Art in UAE.

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