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Good art stands on its own!

ENG: Mario Cassar: SacredRubbings – OUT OF BOUNDS

perhaps the first art exhibition in the world without visitors...

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ENG: Mario Cassar: SacredRubbings – OUT OF BOUNDS

We have already made our German-speaking readers aware of Mario Cassar’s new exhibition. Since the interest in the exhibition „SacredRubbings – OUT OF BOUND“ goes far beyond the borders, we have decided to publish an English version as well.

Last month we reported about Mario Cassar and his exhibition “SACREDRUBBINGS” in Malta. Fortunately, the exhibition was able to take place with visitors despite Corona. The two-week exhibition attracted hundreds of visitors.

But that’s not enough for the artist. Mario Cassar begins philosophically and goes one step further. He wonders what would have happened if not?

Does art need visitors?

Good art can stand for itself, it even has to. The artist presents SACREDRUBBIGS a second time. This time in the exhibition hall of the Ministry of the island of Gozo, without a vernissage, without much fuss and above all without visitors.

Perhaps the first exhibition in the world without visitors.

Art desperately wants to be seen, but what happens – if not? An exchange about the exhibition will of course take place, as the minister of the island of Gozo has his say, but other experts and art lovers will also record their opinions, impressions and feelings. As far as we can, we report here on ARTTRADO.

The exhibition will be presented from June 2nd to 25th, visitors are welcome to stay at home. Photos of the exhibition will be published promptly.

Mario Cassar

Mario Cassar (b.1975) is a visual artist and visual arts educator who lives and works in Gozo, Malta. Appearing in the art scene of Malta at the end of the 1990s, Cassar’s work investigates the effect of superimposing various layers of meanings, texts, signs and symbols on images and on how this affects the viewer. Cassar works in painting, sculpture, installation, performance, film and photography.

He studied at the Gozo School of Art (1991-93) and the University of Malta, where he reads B.A. (Art History), P.G.C.E. and M.Ed. (ArtEducation). He has exhibited in Europe, Northern America and the Middle East.

He has curated the first edition of VISTA – The Victoria Contemporary Art Tour(2010). He is a senior lecturer and programme co-ordinator at the Visual Arts Unit, Sir M. A. Refalo Sixth Form – Gozo where he was honoured to have tutored a new generation of Gozitan visual artists and creatives. Cassar has also lectured art at the Gozo School of Art (1997-2008) and in various departments and institutes within the University of Malta.

Cassar has represented Malta in the Erasmus programme for locally elected representatives (Brussels, The Hague, 2013) where he presented his contribution on art and its role in the regeneration of cities to politicians coming from all EU countries.

He has also collaborated in various EU funded projects on creativity such as the one issued by the Federal Government of Austria on the occasion of The European Year of Intercultural Dialogue (2008). He won several prizes including one at The Malta International Art Biennale and another in The Garibaldi Competition issued by the Istituto Culturale d’Italia. Cassar was also one of the winners in the Public Art in Gozo competition issued by the government of Malta. As a result, his stainless steel sculpture entitled Some things never change was commissioned and installed in Victoria, Gozo. His projects have also been winners in other locally funded programmes and prizes including Kreattiv (2017) and Premju tal-President ghall-Kreattivita; (2018). In 2019, Cassar did artistic research in Palestine as part of an ongoing project called “feelHome”. This cultural diplomacy projectwas sponsored by the government of Malta.

Cassar’s art works have been shown at York University (Toronto), Europahaus(Vienna), Dar Dakarat (Palestine), The University of Malta, the Millennium Chapel, the Ministry for Gozo and the Art Suite (Vini & Capricci). His works are published in books and catalogues and are found in public and privatecollections in various countries including Malta, Italy, Britain, Canada, U.S.A. and Australia.


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You can find an interview with Mario Cassar here: Interview with Mario Cassar  – Artist from Malta (ENG/DE)

We will also bring the exhibition to Germany, galleries interested in Mario Cassar are welcome to contact us.

If you are interested in works by Mario Cassar, take a look at our shop.

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